I work hard everyday in the music business

Do what you love they say but business is business and it needs to be done with great care and expertise. My work is my brand. 

Audio Recordings

I make records for other artists at a commericial level. My ability to write, record, arrange, mix and master most styles of music, gives me a unique perspective on producing music that can be heard and that can compete at a commercial level.

Video Production

Working on a video timeline, is pretty much the same as recording a song. The story is everything and the film or pictures and text combined with moving images are  just another set of paints in the world of creation. 

Live Music Production

I get impatient with having to wait for somebody else to put together a live show. We are new to the market, but have taken a networking approach to putting forth a great experience for fans, artists, venues and often charities where music brings us all together as a community.

Quality - You get what you pay for

The budget you have will buy you what you have put out. The greatest creators in the world often thrive with limits and restrictions, but they too find a way around the budget, its often seen as making something look easy. Precision, execution, quality come from experience in craft.

Frequently Asked

Will you work with me and how do we get started? 

Just give me a shout via email